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General and Pediatric Dentistry

Our office provides comprehensive family and cosmetic dentistry in order to diagnose, treat, and prevent dental disease and disorders.

Cleanings and Periodontal Therapy

While regular brushing and flossing are important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, regular dental wellness visits are essential. Scheduled professional cleanings, possibly coupled with periodontal therapy, help to eliminate tartar buildup that contributes to gum disease, also known as gingivitis. We believe thorough examinations and early diagnosis are the keys to prevention and overall wellness.

At each hygiene appointment, a comprehensive periodontal exam will be performed to make sure that the gums and bone around your teeth are healthy, and an oral cancer screening will be completed. Regular exams with a dentist are necessary to monitor existing dental restorations and check for new areas of decay or fracture. Being seen at a minimum of every six months allows us to detect any dental problems in their earliest stages, when they are simplest to fix.


We always like to save teeth if possible. Unfortunately, some teeth are broken, decayed, or damaged beyond repair. Those circumstances may require one or multiple teeth to be removed to preserve overall health. When extractions are necessary, we take great care to provide sufficient numbing for the simplest and gentlest experience.

Night Guards

Night guards can be a practical, noninvasive solution for patients suffering from TMJ pain, bruxism (grinding), and migraines. We simply make a mold of your teeth and create a custom guard that is worn while you sleep. This can help minimize clenching and grinding, relieve associated pain, and preserve your teeth.


Sealants are thin resin coatings placed in pits and grooves of permanent teeth. The latest research recommends placing sealants on newly erupted posterior teeth (molars), especially in the most cavity-prone years as children and teenagers. These need to be checked regularly at cleaning appointments to be sure they aren’t chipped or broken.

Space Maintainers

When children lose their primary (baby) teeth early, space can be lost, contributing to crowding in the permanent teeth. We are trained to place custom space maintainers to preserve that space and ensure that adult teeth grow into their ideal positions.